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What To Wear Wednesday - Pretty In Pink

Hi Folks, welcome back to KA Equestrian and to What To Wear Wednesday. This week with Spring finally thinking about arriving, it's nice to inject some fresh colour into our equestrian wardrobe. I'm loving this corally-pink tone from Toggi this season, it's fresh and bright and with the navy basics it really does pop.

You'll all know by now that I'm an enormous fan of Toggi clothing - they are excellent quality. super-comfortable, durable and always come in great colours. The Kask navy and rose gold helmet I just love and whenever there's pink in the mix this is the go-to headwear! I'm never without a pair of Roeckl gloves, they truly are the best and no other brand compare, these navy Joshua Jones boots are just gor-G-ous and I'm in love with anything Fairfax & Favor so all in all, this is an ensemble filled with favourites!

As always, let me know what you think - would this be an outfit you'd wear to the yard this Spring?

Jacket - The 'Adria' from Toggi - £80

Sweater - The 'Dontae' from Toggi - £50

Polo Shirt - The 'Makayla' from Toggi - £35

Breeches - 'Caro Denim' from Cavallo - £113

Socks - 'Kilham' from Toggi - £7.50

Belt - The 'Sennowe' from Fairfax & Favor - £55

Scarf - The 'Riley' from Toggi - £15

Boots -The 'DonaDeo Paola' from Joshua Jones - £690

Helmet - The 'Kask Dogma Chrome Rose Gold' from Kask - £450

Gloves - Roeckl -£30

Until next week...

K xx

I hope you've enjoyed today's blog - for more of what's going on here at KAEquestrian, come and join us over on our social channels......

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