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Product Of The Week - SleekEZ

Welcome back to the KAEquestrian blog and to the first in a new weekly feature - our 'Product Of The Week'. Like all equestrians, I have my favourite bits of 'kit' that over the years become essentials but one of really exciting parts of being a blogger is that I get to work along side some of my very favourite brands shouting out about the products that I love as well as try some new ones.

While some of the products featured in this blog series will be from some of the brands I'm sponsored and associated with, I am not being paid to write these blogs. Everything featured are products I genuinely love, buy and use.

For the first instalment of this new blog feature, I've chosen the SleekEZ as my product of the week. It's a long term favourite of mine, and one that I'm using a lot at the moment, while brushing out the last of the horse's winter coats.

The SleekEZ is, in my opinion, the best shedding tool on the market - catering to horse owners but also equally as affective on other pets and animals. It's unique comb-like blade brushes out not only loose hair, but dirt and grease too, making it part of my essential grooming kit. 

I currently have 2 horses who were not clipped this winter and they're loving their grooming sessions starting with the SleekEZ. Over the years I must have tried almost every kind of shedding tool from rubber curry combs, to blades to grooming blocks and this is without doubt the most effective in terms of removing hair - it just keeps coming! Someone commented to me the other day that there was more pony on the floor that there was left on the pony! It's comfortable to use and comes in 3 different sizes depending on the animal you want to use it on and the area to be groomed. I have the large one and it's perfect for use all over the horse's body and KenRobinson our Jack Russell often comes by for a groom too! 

Honestly, I can't recommend this product enough. At £19.95 for the large one, it's well worth the investment. You can buy directly from Eqclusive here or from one of their approved retailers listed here.

K xx

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