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Top Tip Tuesday - How To Make Poo Picking Fun

Poo picking is one of those jobs that you might not love but is vital for the health of the pasture and ultimately, your horse. I often hear people moaning about poo picking but there are a few ways to make more fun and less of a chore....

1. Change Your Mindset

The biggest thing you can do to make poo-picking less of a drag is to stop seeing it as one. Try to see it as something you're doing for your horse's well-being as well as looking after the environment where you spend your time.

2. Do It Daily

Sometimes when you leave it a few days or a week, poo-picking can feel like an enormous task and one you'll start to dread. Commit to taking out a barrow a day and the job never gets too big that it's intimidating. Depending on the size of your paddock, you'll be done in 20-30 mins.

3. Do It With Friends

Getting lost in conversation with a friend is a sure way to forget about the drudge of poo-picking. Before you know it, the paddock will be clear and you're all caught up on your friend's news.

4. Play Music or a Podcast

Another way to busy yourself while you clear your paddock is to turn on some great tunes or a podcast. I've been doing this in the garden the last few weeks and it's amazing how quickly the time goes and how much you get done without even realising it!

5. Consider It Exercise

And my final tip is to count all the extra exercise towards your fitness plan. Heavy barrows of poo definitely count in my book!

What are your tips on making poo-picking fun? Or do you love the satisfaction of clearing your paddock?

Karen xx

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