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When the sun is shining bright, I'm inspired to wear bright colours and shine too! Anyone else the same? This week's outfit is exactly that - a bright pop of colour for while the weather is glorious.

Oddly, the socks were the first piece of this outfit which all the others were chosen around - rarely will it be the socks that I pick up and build a look a round. I heart Toggi socks in bold pink and blue were paired with my Toggi Loredo Breeches, Toggi Gillet, and Thomas & Co Polo Shirt. Toggi jodphur boots complete the look along with my usual jewellery from Hiho Silver. A great, practical yet stylish look for the yard.


Gillet - £75 from Toggi

Polo Shirt - I picked this up at the Royal Highland Show last year and can't seem to find a website for them. Maybe I'm being daft! If you're headed to a show this summer, I'm sure you'll see them there!

Breeches - £72.50 from Toggi

Socks - Old season from Toggi

Boots - £54 from Toggi

Jewellery - Cherry Roller Bracelet £125 from HiHo Silver and Foxtail Bracelet £70 from HiHo Silver

As ever, I always welcome your feedback. Do you like a bit of colour in your equestrian clothing or do you like to keep it neutral? Or do you have riding 'colours' you like to wear at all times on the yard?

Karen xx

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