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A Tentative Public Re-Opening!

Gosh, it’s been a while since we posted!

Obviously a LOT has happened of late and with COVID causing all sorts of chaos, you’ll forgive us for our Blog silence.

That said, we’ve been a busy bunch and Lockdown has provided us with a bit of space and time to get on with a few jobs that we’ve struggled to find the time to complete up until now (I’ll tell you a bit more about them in another post).

However, what I did want to hop on and announce was that, in line with Scottish Government, Horse Scotland and BHS Scotland, we are now in a position to open the yard back up to people other than our existing liveries and essential visitors. That means, prospective new livery clients and horse owners are welcome to come and view the yard and coaching clients are allowed to return for their lessons.

There are, of course, COVID restrictions in place that all visitors must follow, but it’ll be really lovely to start seeing people up here again.

THE LIVERY YARD - We have our last 2 Full Livery spaces now reserved but have started a waiting list so please get in touch to be added.

THE SCHOOLING YARD - Our next available space is Saturday 18th July 2020 - long or short term training available (discounts available for long term schooling clients and competition prospects) please get in touch if we can help.

THE ACADEMY - For now, I’m operating on a 1:1 basis at times that suit us both rather than my weekly clinics. Please get in touch to book. We are, however, looking to the future and booking in provisional clinic dates throughout the UK and considering the types of clinics and workshops that you’d like to see here going forward. Please get in touch with your suggestions and bookings.

I promise it won’t be long before our next blog - we’ve loads to catch you up on so watch this space (as well, of course, as social media).

Karen xx

07545 274 440

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