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Another New Member of the Family!

This little cutie is Cora’s new pony Jasper! Jasper is a 9 year old Shetland x Welsh gelding and he’s such a cheeky-choppy!

Cora is just taking her time getting used to him and re-building her confidence after a bit of time out of the saddle and a wee fright she’d had on another pony. So far, we’re just on the lead-rein and we’ve discovered he’s a little nappy when on his own in the arena. To me it looks a lot like a bit of separation anxiety so I’m doing a little ground work with him in the arena alone to teach him it doesn’t have to be a scary experience while Cora continues to get to know him while Callan rides Bertie at the same time.

He’s a lovely wee pony and we’re all very fond of him already! Watch this space to follow their journey together (the kids are keen to start a KA Kids vlog series with their ponies and I’m currently putting the finishing touches to their first episode!!)

Karen xx

07545 274 440

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