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Introducing Pullman Brown

This beautiful boy joined us at the end of April following his retirement from racing with Phil Kirby down in Yorkshire.

He’s an 8 year old, thoroughbred gelding by Big Brown, bred in the USA before coming to the UK via Ireland to run both on the flat and over hurdles. He perhaps wasn’t the most successful racehorse but what a lovely horse he is - obviously gorgeous but incredibly sweet and respectful, very keen to work and a beautiful mover.

When he arrived, I’d just broken my toe which, at the time felt like a bit of bad timing but in actual fact allowed me to just get to know him, him to know me and for him to find his feet and settle into his new life here at KAEquestrian. Here’s a short video of his first week with us ....

Since him first arriving, and my toe healing enough to let me get my boots back on, we’ve been pottering away in the school, learning about working into a contact and moving off the inside leg and I’ve been learning to trust this big-moving and powerful horse and go with his movement rather than trying to contain it.

We’ve also been venturing a bit outside the arena. I’d been warned that Pullman can be very strong up the gallops, in fact the strongest Phil had, so I was a little worried what he’d be like out hacking, particularly when we hack around our fields which includes a 6.5 furlong gallop! We’re taking this bit slowly, building a walk round the tracks into his routine and have yet to wander up to the gallops but so far, so good!

Lots more to follow with this guy, his journey has only just started, best to watch along on social media but I’ll be sure to update on the blog too.

Karen xx

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