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We’ve been planning this new addition for, well, years but it was put into our improvement plan for 2020 at the start of the year and lockdown made it possible - every cloud!

This space, on the right hand side of the yard as you come in the sliding doors, for those of you who have been on the yard, used to be our feed and general storage room but a little re-jig allowed us to clear the space and install an electric shower unit, attach an extra-long hose, a couple of tie-up posts and our brand new solarium unit.

The solarium itself is a piece of kit I’ve been after for a while. The heat it provides is an obvious bonus for both horse and rider during the colder months and to aid drying after their horses have been bathed, but the infra-red lamps provide much more than that. They help ease stiffness and sore muscles by increasing circulation which is of great help to both the competition horses and the older horses on the yard. The increased circulation then helps improve muscle condition, elasticity and ultimately better suppleness and performance. This then helps to prevent injury from happening in the first place but can also aid recovery should an unfortunate injury occur.

Though our recent spate of hot weather has meant we haven’t used the solarium much, the shower unit hasn’t stopped, with all the horses delighted to have a warm water shower after their workouts rather than the cold ones they’ve had to endure until now!

’Project Upgrade’ is still ongoing and we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on all our developments here at KAEquestrian.

Karen xx

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