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The A-Steam - A new item on the hay menu!

We’ve always been aware of the differing needs and tastes of the horses in our care - some need to have their hay soaked in order to control their weight, some will only eat it dry, others won’t eat hay at all and must have haylage!

With our new Ascot hay steamer, we’re able to add another offering to the hay menu here at KAEquestrian .... steamed.

Though we buy in only the very best hay from Collessie Feeds, all hay has a dust and bacterial load that for most horses if absolutely fine, but for others it can become problematic.

Steaming hay in a purpose-built, food-grade unit like the one we’ve purchased, reduces dust, mould and bacterial spores in the hay while maintaining the nutritional make-up of the crop. Steaming hay, therefore, is ideal for horses who are sensitive to dust or have respiratory issues but not a solution for those with EMS and/or prone to laminitis... who will continue to need their hay soaked.

Another useful new “toy” for the yard, and one that the horses have been delighted with.

Karen xx

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