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Weekly Round Up - Saturday 18th July 2020

We’ve had another full-on week here at KA with another new arrival, the launch of our new volunteer programme, a farrier visit and as always, the continued progressive training of the horses - some permanent, others who are just visiting!


For the last few weeks I’ve been travelling to AMK Dressage every other day up in Auchterarder to train on her extremely handsome and a little bit quirky (!) advanced schoolmaster, Pumpkin. Angela competed up to Inter 1 with Pumpkin so he absolutely knows his stuff and it’s been a pleasure riding the advanced movements after too many years absence as well as getting to know Pumpkin, Angela, resident classical dressage trainer Bob Steel and the rest of the team. It’s been an education and a half and I swear I’ve learned more in the last month than I have in the last decade!

I couldn’t be more excited and humbled to have had the opportunity to bring this lovely boy home with me to learn on further.


We said goodbye to Libby this week after 3 busy weeks bringing her back into work after some time off. We also helped new rider Rebecca get to grips with her and gave her some pointers on how to continue her training when she took her home. Libby is such a fun pony and we’re sure Rebecca will have a blast with her. Like always, should she come up against any challenges, she can always give us a call and we’re happy to help trouble-shoot.


Pullman has had a great week and everything I’ve been teaching him over the last few months seems to have all come together and now we have what feels like something really quite special. He’s such a lovely horse to work with - always enthusiastic and kind in his nature. I’m genuinely super-excited to see how he progresses but in the meantime feeling incredibly lucky to have him in my life and on my yard.

Little Summer has also had a great week overcoming her anxiety about the arena and we even managed to have a successful first arena session without any help from the ground. We now have walk and halt aids nailed so next week we’ll try trot!


This week I launched our new volunteer programme with 4 fabulous young ladies who I believe will become a great asset to the yard. I wanted to provide an opportunity for people with an interest in horses to come and learn more about working on a professional yard and share with them some of our routines, experiences and our general approach to horse care and training.

I can’t wait to introduce you to the team and I’m sure they will start appearing across our social media channels too.


So all in all, a super week! Bring on next week!

Karen xx

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