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The Schooling Yard

Our approach to training, is the same as our approach to horse care and rider coaching - sympathetic, professional and gadget-free.

Over the years, through practice, experience and a LOT of research, we've developed our own progressive system of educating horses from the very start of their ridden careers, through their competitive years in a variety of disciplines and into their semi-retirement, that at all times keeps the horses' best interests at the forefront of our minds and decision-making. Our training always involves a variety of exercise and experience, never just trotting in circles day after day. Hacking is an important part of our daily work and has both physical and mental benefits for the horses that work in the arena cannot replicate.


What we want to create are strong and confident horses that are happy in their work, in their bodies and in their minds and to do that we must listen closely to what they tell us through their behaviour, attitude and movement. We're constantly assessing the horses we have in for training, ensuring they're understanding what has been asked of them, checking that they're coping with the workload and looking at how their general management and routine can be tweaked in order to make their experience even better.


Every horse is different, and will develop and progress at a different rate from the horse in the next door stable and what you'll never find us doing is prematurely pushing a horse beyond where they are comfortable, in order to meet an imposed deadline or to keep up with another horse of a comparable age or stage ... that's where mistakes are made and damage can be done.

We have a limited number of schooling spaces available in order to give each horse the time they deserve and need, and have a mix of long-term schooling clients, some being prepared for a career within the dressage boards, as well as short-term visitors who are just in for a few week's training at a time.


We know every horse and rider combination are different so we develop a bespoke training plan for each and every horse and rider combination based on your particular circumstances, goals and challenges. We might mix in some rider coaching throughout the training period, if appropriate, and always provide a 'next steps' program for when you take your horse home again. Of course, we're always at the end of the phone to help from afar too.

We welcome any opportunity to show you around, hear about your horse(s) and chat about how we can help.

Schooling Livery £245 per week

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