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This week's outfit features the GOR-G-OUS Cora shirt from Toggi. I've worn this, and featured it at lot over on my lifestyle blog Karen & Clan as well as on my social media accounts but I wanted to style it up in an equestrian ensemble to show how versatile it is.

I love this shirt, it's so beautiful, lightweight and feels super-luxurious on your skin. And the fact that it shares it's name with my daughter, well - it's perfect.

I could have gone for dark brown breeches with tan belt and boots, and I did think about it, but went with the lighter tones in the end to go with the warm summery weather we've been having lately.

As always, I'd love to know what you think, what is your favourite piece in this ensemble? How would you style up a statement shirt?

SHIRT - £60 from Toggi

BREECHES - £165 from Ariat

BOOTS - £140 from Toggi

BELT - £42.50 from Toggi

BRACELET - £125 from HiHo Silver

WATCH - £79 from CLUSE

Karen xx

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